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Unparallelled Pigeon wingshooting

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Argentina is without question, the BEST wingshooting destination in the world.

Depending on the blind position, you will be able to experience a full range of targets  from birds coming at you at head height to ones that look so out of range that you have to be prompted to shoot at them. There will be a predominance from one direction, almost as if they are being driven.

“Throughout the years its walls have witnessed the presence of many generations of visitors. Among them, their secrets are locked, their anecdotes are compiled and their soul filling memories are shared. By the fireplace each visitor leaves his trail becoming part of our tradition & heritage.”

Pigeons can come in both singles and pairs but certainly not in large flocks. Dove and pigeon shooting has its peculiarities and is different to that of duck and partridge. In general, it is carried out with the shooter positioned behind some coppice, but it can be done in the middle of a field using movable blinds especially designed for the purpose.

The scouting of the Pigeon routes is a continuous process. The 20-bore shotgun is one of the most used for dove and pigeon shooting.


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