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Knowing more about the Owners & Managers



AGE: 35

HOMETOWN: Moreno, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1. When were you introduced to hunting?

I will say my first “real” hunt was at the age of 6 shooting hares with a .22 at night with a spotlight. I used to shoot doves and pigeons in my back yard with a .177 air gun that my father gave me for my 5th b-day. So those were probably my first hunting experiences that I can remember.

2. Where did your passion for guiding come from?

I grew up hunting with my dad. I can remember I use to go with him and enjoy being outdoors. I think that passion grew up with me since a very early age was my motivation to not become a Doctor as my dad but pursue my goal of making a living in the outdoors business, as a professional hunter.

3. When did you first begin taking people hunting?

I started “guiding” when I was 15, helping a good friend of mine at a Wing shooting lodge in Cordoba as a “bird boy” (assisting hunters), loading an cleaning shotguns, clicking a counter to record dove hits. It was a good way to make some pocket money during holidays and practice my English.

My first big game guided hunt was when I was 18-year-old, a friend from Chile ask me if I could arrange a Water Buffalo hunt for him. I used to do those hunts with my dad every year, so wasn’t something difficult to put together. A few weeks later I was hosting and guiding my first big game adventure.

4. Who do you guide?

I think you have a bit of everything, people that know the game and they are 100% prepare for any type of adventure an some people that don’t have a clue of what they are doing but willing to learn most of the time, that gives room to teach and help building the hunting community.

5. Favorite place to hunt?

I love to hunt, so that is a pretty tough question. There some many great hunts around the globe and in my home country, Argentina. It won’t be fair picking just 1 hunt. Just to answer, I will say Red stag during the March roar in the Pampas with a combo of morning duck hunting. Perdiz over birddogs during our winter. International, I love hunting Elk in Colorado, something I have done for many years.

6. Tell us about your ranch?

Our hunting area follows a protocol of game management run by a biologist and our local fish and game office that helps keep the game populations healthy. This makes hunting a great resource for the area that does not have many other economic developments beside cattle farming. Our outfit brings a good income for our locals and a fair amount or organic protein that they can enjoy with their families.

7. Dream Hunt?

I sadly lost my dad, my hunting mentor last year, so I think my dream hunt will be spending another day in the field with him just enjoying been out there. Any game any place, just one more day together.

8. What do you say to clients before they arrive?

I like to talk with my clients before they arrive so we can “know” each other a bit more and work better during their hunts. So getting on the phone, WhatsApp, email or any other way of being in touch before a hunting trip is essential for me to be sure we are all on the same page to have a great experience during our trip.

Guide or Outfitter Website / Social Channels?

Instagram: @santyrossi


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