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Southern Entre Rios, Argentina

Enjoy the best Cast & Blast program in South America.  Meet our Entre Rios Cast & Blast non stop adventure. Just 2,5 hours away from Buenos Aires our hunting ground in Entre Rios provide endless shooting assuring thousands of rounds a day and excellent locations to combine with the famous Golden Dorado (Salminus Maxillosus) fishing. Dove flyways presentations are limitless each day and hunters can expect to shoot over 100 boxes per day. The untamed Golden Dorado challenge is something every fishermen must try. 

Our Cast & Blast program will set the bar
for your future trips.

Get ready for our non stop flyways of eared doves.  Get ready for the tuff fresh water Golden Dorado fight!







Accommodations & Services

Enjoy a relaxing stay at this historic ranch offering comfort & personalized service supervised and hosted by it's owners and it’s more than 30 years of experience hunting this untamed Cast & Blast paradise.  

Santa Rosa lodge accommodations are designed for demanding hunters & anglers along it's couples. Spacious bedrooms with private bathrooms, Wi-Fi Internet, Direct-TV, cozy living rooms with fireplace, outside BBQ areas, day long beverage, pool deck area, bar and more. 

We take care of every aspect of the trip, and the food & beverage is one of them.  You will enjoy excellent food & beverages served in time to recover all the energy invested in the field.  Enjoy a hosted trip with us, the owners.

You will enjoy a variety of dishes each prepared by our chefs to grant you the best dining experience. We take care of each and every guest as unique individual providing sincere and empathetic service making our guest feel genuinely cared for. Non hunting companions will also enjoy the trip of their lifetime.   Always assisted by bilingual staff,  this historic Dove lodge can accommodate couples or groups.  It provides a wonderful atmosphere for relaxation, comfort and enjoyment.  Santa Rosa lodge features bedrooms with bathroom en suite, spacious dining room, and a comfortable living room/den with a cozy fireplace.  We have a friendly and well trained staff whose top priority will be to ensure your stay with us is enjoyable and will cater to your every need.

Hunting & Fishing

Looking for the ultimate Hunting and fishing combination? meet our High Volume Doves & Golden Dorado fishing adventure. Easily reach Buenos Aires via direct flight from the United States or Europe on American, Al Italia, KLM, Lufthansa, United, Delta, Aerolineas Argentinas, Air France Airlines and many more. Meet & greet from our team in EZE upon arrival, you will be driven to the lodge in conformable vehicle (AC equipped transfers with mini bar on board). Enjoy lunch and your shooting begins right at the same arrival afternoon, that’s a big plus compared to Cordoba option that you normally lost your first day of hunting due to travel. Your final day has a morning shoot before you depart for the airport and we can easily arrange extension travel for different side trips or a day or two in Buenos Aires.

Santa Rosa lodge is located approximately 150 miles or 2 ½ hour northwest from Buenos Aires’s airport. Situated within the Entre Rios agricultural area where thousands of acres are planted in corn, wheat, sunflowers and sorghum annually which provides the perfect habitat to hold birds on the property. There are 6 dove shooting areas around the property, all of which are within 10-25 minutes of the Lodge. This combination of roosting, nesting and foraging habitat provides the key elements necessary to provide the best and most conveniently located dove shooting destination.  This region grants unparalleled Doves shooting by mornings as also during afternoons.

Santa Rosa lodge location offers nearby Golden Dorado spots at the famous Parana river.
 Full day outings chasing the Golden beast, a freshwater tiger only comparable with Tarpon and Wahoo challenge.  The Parana River is the largest River in Argentina and it's delta area is one of the largest in the world providing different options for the Golden Dorado.   For those that are looking for a fishing tour after the dove hunting, we can also organize fishing outings & options at Uruguay River just a couple of ours away from Santa Rosa lodge.  These other options can be done in combination with our partner Lodges/Posadas in the Uruguay area.

Our days start by sun rise with a wake up call and shortly after breakfast we leave for the flyways or fishing spots. For the morning and afternoon Doves hunts hunters are situated in traditional stands accompanied by a guide and bird-boy ready to assist you in every aspect of the hunt.

  • Standard Program consist of a 6 days agenda including 3 full days hunts and 2 full fishing days.

  • Wake-up call by 7:00 AM, guests will depart by 8:00 AM after a banquet style breakfast to be at the field/river in time.

  • Guests will enjoy easy access and comfortable stands strategically located to assure high volumen of birds.

  • Guests will enjoy well prepared skiff boats. The fishing is strictly catch and release. Fly-Fishing, Bait-Cast and spinning options available.

  • Each couple of hunters will be all-time assisted by a bird-boy and a professional guide.

  • Hunters will enjoy cocktails, snacks, and a three course lunch or a typical Argentine "asado" (BBQ) followed by a relaxing nap (siesta) to hit again the spots by mid afternoon. Then back to the lodge for dinner and cocktails.

Hunting Season

The Cast & Blast season begins in Oct and ends in February.  The weather is hot but can be a bit cold in the mornings and evenings. In Argentina, it is summer at this time of the year and temperatures range from 70 to 100ºF degrees. Sunny, pleasant mornings and afternoons are the norm. Recommended Clothing & Equipment: light hunting jackets, gloves, camo if possible.  Hunting shirt and pants, warm coat and rain jacket just in case.  We do have some rains with sunny days like in tropical areas.

Included in std programs:

  • Twin bedrooms with private bathrooms.

  • Single room option subject to availability.

  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner).

  • Day long appetizers, delicious snacks and drinks.

  • Open bar & Laundry service.

  • Guides and birdboys.

  • Fishing bait and gear.

  • Transfers to and from the lodge. 

  • Fishing & Hunting License.

Not included in std programs:

  • Shells.

  • Premium shotguns (Benelli, Beretta or Franchi).

  • Gun importation fees.

  • Massage service.

  • Voluntary tips for guides and staff.

Grand Slam Combinations

You think that’s not enough… why just Doves and Golden Dorado? Let's add some salt & pepper by combining std program with our Ducks program or our Partridge with pointer dogs programs.  We can offer outstanding Perdiz hunt and great Duck shootings  (over 12 species of ducks). Not many places on earth will give a true wingshooting lover the chance of doing a high-end 3 feathers program plus a world class trophy fish as the Dorado!. Contact us for more info about these combined options running from May to August.




Estancia Lodge attended by it's owners offering a personalized service for discerning hunters. Exclusive & private tailor made service. Unmatchable gastronomy, Malbec wine & open bar.  Direct TV. wi-fi internet. Cell phone signal. Laundry.


4 twin bed rooms with en-suite fully equipped bathrooms.
4 single bed rooms with 3 fully equipped bathroom.


+5,000 acres of rich agriculture land with marshland and natural pastures.  

+150 square miles of prime birds habitat.
+ Nearby spots for Golden Dorado fishing.


+ Eared Dove.  Millions!
+ Golden Dorado Fishing (Salminus Maxillosus).
+ Combination with our Duck hunting Lodges.
+ Combination with our Big Game and Mixed Bag ranches.


Renowned Gualeguay area. South America Doves MECCA.
Entre Rios province.
Argentina - South America.
2,5 hs drive from Buenos Aires International Airport.


Crops fields combined with cattle natural pastures.
Argentina's core location for cattle and agriculture mixed model.
River with main channels, streams and delta areas.


Dove shooting by mornings and afternoons with comfortable stands over roost borders and tree lines. Top quality hunting equipment & shotguns.
Skiff boats, fishing equipment & bait.  C
atch and release.
Fly-Fishing, Bait-Cast and spinning options available.


Fly to Buenos Aires international Airport (EZE).
Connection 2,5 hs direct ride to the lodge.


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"AHO and his team are some of the best around! Not only are they professional but also take the time to add in traditional Argentine culture. Wing shooting was unmatched and very comfortable for both young and elderly. With accommodations for lodging and food that far exceed the standard hunt, and companionship that builds relationships for a lifetime, I wholeheartedly recommend AHO"

Louie Schroeder, Atlanta - GA.

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