La Pampa - North Patagonia, Argentina

This premium lodge offers one of Argentina’s best spots for hunting Red Deer along with almost a dozen big game species. A meeting place of endless Calden woods, green plains, low hilly terrain and abundant fauna. A mix that assures unique scenery for a truly wild hunting experience maximizing the chances of facing monster Red Deer stags.


 Roaring Red deer Stags, uncharted free range areas... trophy Fallow deer, the challenging water buffalo in deep brush, long shots on Blackbuck antelope or Mouflon rams.. 







Family owned Boutique Ranch specially prepared to host discerning hunters and bowhunters. A renowned Estancia with 3 decades of hunting & conservation. Cattle ranch, gaucho land, untamed location with excellent accommodations.  You will fall in love with the uncharted land and it’s non stop fair chase adrenaline. 


La Pampa province offers a unique combination of factors every big game demanding hunter wants. Plenty of game with several spot & stalks per day, excellent free range trophy quality, friendly terrain and excellent weather plus woody area with close encounters assuring non stop action for a whole week. We own and manage the best land of La Pampa and our past clients references are living proof of that.  Just ask for references and we will gladly send you a list.

Hunting is what we do. That’s why we can provide you with one of the best Red Stag free range full-service hunts in Argentina conducted in our La Pampa private Ranches. Poitahue Hunting offers free range action through more than 85,000 acres of natural untamed land which provide our fauna with excellent pasture and food, a priceless protection for several game species and birds against the harshness of winter.

Pure free range big game hunting over several Big Game species. Our worldwide known Red Stags and 13 additional species plus excellent wingshooting options for doves, pigeons plus perdiz and ducks.

As a proof of our high end hunting services, you may find interesting to know that we have developed a long term relationship with different outfitters and pro hunters as Craig Boddington, Jim and Eva Shockey, Brian the Pigman, Joe Thomas, Doug Koenig, Gus Congemi and more.  We can provide a vast list of references who speak for us.  Meet Poitahue Hunting Ranch and be prepared to fall in love with La Pampa untamed scenery and it’s abundant game.

Everyone at Poitahue Hunting will go the extra mile to assure every hunter gets a truly premium hunting experience. Luxury accommodations, premium services, premium wines, beer and open bar; all ground transfers; pro guides & trackers; meeting and assistance at airports.

We, the Owners, will receive you personally, providing the resources and experience to make your stay, a great hunting vacation. “Poitahue Ranch” offers warm and friendly service. Be sure we will do everything within our power to give our guests a great stay and also a wonderful hunt.

For the companions not interested in hunting we offer the possibility to enjoy our lounge with satellite TV, access internet with wireless link, share a friendly conversation with your friends at the bar or just relax while tasting native food specially prepared by our professional chef.




Luxury lodge attended by it's owner offering a personalized service for discerning  hunters. Excellent food & beverage plus our well known Malbec wine. Direct TV. wi-fi internet. Cellphone signal. Loundry.


+85,000 acres of free range.
Calden woods and open plains sections.

2,000 acre fair chase preserve area.


7 twin bed rooms with fully equipped en-suite bathrooms.

Rooms Setup1:  2 twin beds.
Rooms Setup2:  1
 queen size bed.


Red deer stag, water buffalo, fallow deer, blackbuck antelope, mouflon, wild boar, rams, record class red deer stag (preserve), axis deer (preserve).

Plus wingshooting options.


Near Victorica town.
La Pampa province - Northern Patagonia.
Argentina - South America.

1,5 hs drive from Santa Rosa domestic Airport.


80% woods and 20% plains.
Flat terrain with low hills sections.

100% fair chase free range.


Morning and afternoon outings. Spot & stalk hunting by foot.
Drive to designated section with your guide.

Different type of blinds for stand hunting.


Fly to Buenos Aires international Airport (EZE).

Connection A -  Regular charter flight by Friday midday.
Connection B -  domestic flight to La Pampa airport (RSA) 

Connection C -  domestic flight to Bahia Blanca airport (BHI)



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Poitahue Ranch Season2.png

“This is one of the best places I have ever been! The lodge and staff are fantastic, the country is beautiful, and your free-range stag are wonderfully challenging."


Craig Boddington - CA, USA.