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Southern Buenos Aires, Argentina

Our boutique Lodge La Quebrada is our main mixed bag wingshooting destination. Located in Buenos Aires province, this lodge offers one of Argentina’s best spots for the discerning hunter who knows the key aspects of an ideal mixed bag location: easy access and close distance to excellent waterfowl as also having a solid upland game wingshooting resource.. all from the same first class lodge offering a unique program hard to match! 

A fully equipped Family Ranch specially prepared for 4-6 hunters offering a "personalized service" attended  by it's owners in person.







For us, La Quebrada lodge  is not  just one more hunting destination but the home land of Damian Garcia, co-founder of Argentina Heritage and nowadays Lodge Manager of these fields which he used to hunt for Perdiz, Ducks and blackbucks since 30 years ago!  Our local & well trained guides have been hunting this land for more than 20 years attending demanding waterfowl hunters from all over the world who come back every year or every other year to enjoy our high volume duck hunts all the way from late April until early August. Year after year after year, no matter floods or droughts!


Clients & friends keep coming back every year since the first time they met this secret spot..

Our repeating client rate over 80% speaks for us, and it is backed up by 2 decades of game management experience and a client oriented-service. This area assures a perfect combination and habitat for unparalleled waterfowl. A place with pot holes and lakes as the pot holes regions of the USA, with plenty of marshy low areas and flooded corn fields, along spring creeks that supply constant fresh & clear water year round! 

Away from crowded corridors, located in central west Buenos Aires province, this area hosts the best pasture fields in combination with cropps land, a unique combination with excellent cover and plenty of food.


La Quebrada team understands like no other what upland game is all about, that's why we hunt & rotate more than 30 fields per season to keep this challenging bird population as healthy as 20 years ago.  We have developed our game managing program with a special hunting calendar to assure consistency for every day with every group.  Only possible by shooting only once per week each of our ducks areas, and hunting only a certain number of birds per season at each designated perdiz field. Our hunting calendar normally leaves a day or two in between groups to rest the entire lodging and hunting area, this is one of the main reasons our repeating clients rate is higher than ever. Clients & friends keep coming back every year since the first time they met this secret spot.  Along past decades, La Quebrada Boutique Lodge has become our second home, and that's why we like to keep the “family” atmosphere with a super personalized service.  We believe in long lasting relationships with our clients, at the point of offering full Lodge exclusivity to small groups of repeating clients, something that set us apart from the rest of the wingshooting lodges around the world.

Included in std programs:

  • Twin bedrooms with private bathrooms.

  • Single room option subject to availability.

  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner).

  • Day long appetizers, delicious hor d’oeuvers and drinks.

  • Open bar.

  • Waders

  • Laundry service.

  • Guides and birdboys.

  • Transfers to and from the hunting areas.

Not included in std programs:

  • Gun rental.

  • Hunting License.

  • Shells.

  • Gun importation fees.

  • Voluntary tips for guides and staff.

  • Transfers to and from the lodge. 




Boutique Lodge attended by it's owners assuring a personalized service for groups seeking for an exclusive & private tailor made service. Excellent food & beverage,  our Malbec wine & open bar.  Direct TV. wi-fi internet. Cell phone signal. Loundry.


+6,000 acres of rich crop soil mixed with marshland and natural pastures. Polo course and horses facilities. Centenary forests

+150 square miles of prime waterfowl and upland game habitat.


3 twin bed rooms with fully equipped bathrooms.
2 single or twin bed rooms with shared bathroom.

Rooms setup1: 2 twin beds Long Single (38.5" × 79.5").
Rooms setup2: 1 King bed (76" × 79.5")


+12 species of ducks. Yellow Billed Pintail, Rosy Bill Pochard, Speckled teal, Red Shoveler, White face Whistling among others. 
+ Spotted Tinamou, better known as Perdiz. European Hares.
+ Eared doves, Blue billed and Picazuro Pigeons.
+ Day hunts for Blackbuck Antelope, Fallow Deer, Wild Boar, Mouflon and Goats in near by partner ranches.


Near Daireaux town.
Buenos Aires province .
Argentina - South America.
4 hs drive from Buenos Aires International Airport.


Crops fields combined with cattle natural pastures.
Marshland and potholes, creeks and big freshwater lakes.
Centenary forest closeby.


World class duck hunting by mornings and afternoons. Comfortable ducks blinds mostly over dry ground or shallow water. Top quality decoys, waders and guns . Perdiz hunting over well trained and seasoned pointer dogs.  Doves and pigeons hunt in nearby forests. Big Game day hunts.


Fly to Buenos Aires international Airport (EZE).
Connection A -  4,3 hs direct ride to the lodge.
Connection B -  Charter flight to Daireaux and short 25 minutes ride to the lodge.