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The Roar | Argentina Red Stag | The Sako Great Hunt Series Immerse yourself in the primal experience of listening to the majestic Red deer's powerful roar echoing through the Argentine wilderness. Join me on an exciting journey in the Sako Great Hunt Series as I venture into the heart of Argentina during the Red deer's roar season. Armed with my reliable Sako S20, I navigate the dense and challenging terrain in pursuit of these magnificent creatures.

Traversing through the rugged landscape, I rely on my skills and the art of calling to locate and engage with the wild Reds. The dense foliage presents a formidable challenge as I strive to get a clear shot at a mature stag amidst the thick brush. Every moment is filled with anticipation and adrenaline as I maneuver through the wilderness, honing my hunting instincts and precision.

Experience the thrill and excitement of the hunt firsthand by booking your own adventure to chase wild Reds during the roar season in Argentina. Click the link below to see the video footage of this unforgettable hunting expedition and witness the beauty and power of the Red deer up close.


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